Publication Policies

The publication and distribution policies for FSAP documents are based on decisions of the Bank and Fund Boards after the 2003 review of the FSAP by both Boards, and after the Fund Board’s review of transparency policy. The current publication policy for FSAP documents—summarized in table A.2—is as follows.

• Publication of Aides-Memoires left by FSAP teams with the authorities is not per­mitted.

• Financial System Stability Assessment (FSSA) [and Reports on Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs)] publication remains voluntary. ROSCs may be published even when the authorities decide not to publish the FSSA, but not vice versa. Publication is by the Fund on the Fund’s external Web site.

• FSAP technical notes that raise issues of sufficient relevance to surveillance can be included in the background material (selected issues paper) for Article IV consulta­tions. In this (to date rare) circumstance, the documents would then be subject to the Fund’s circulation and publication policy for Article IV and related publica­tions (i. e., publication is voluntary, but with a presumption of publication, unless indicated otherwise by the authorities). Publication is by the Fund on the Fund’s external Web site. Whenever such notes are prepared jointly with the World Bank staff, their circulation and publication are coordinated with the World Bank.

• Technical notes that are not circulated to the Fund Board as background documen­tation for Article IV consultations, as well as detailed assessments of financial sec­tor standards and codes, fall under the publication policy applied to staff technical documents (which are not Board documents).

• Publication is voluntary by the authorities and is undertaken by them. However, the approval of Fund and Bank management (or only Fund management, if FSAP was for an industrial country) is required. Management approval is normally auto­matic.

• If authorities request publication of such documents and if management consents, then the FSAP technical notes are circulated to the Fund Board for information before publication. They may also, but are not required to, be published on the Fund’s external Web site.

• Requested deletions by the authorities, or partial publishing of some technical notes and not others or of some detailed standards assessments and not others, need to be reviewed internally by concerned Bank-Fund departments before a staff member can make a recommendation for management decision.

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