Non-bank, Non-profit NGO MFIs

Non-bank, non-profit NGO MFIs include (a) mixed-purpose NGOs that have credit provisions in their socially oriented activities and (b) specialized credit-only MFIs. Those MFIs are generally private sector-owned institutions and are typically organized as non­
profit foundations, trusts, or associations. In a number of cases, the MFIs are organized as formally incorporated entities under a country’s Companies Act. Some MFIs are stand-alone local entities, while others may be affiliated with or sponsored by interna­tional NGOs such as FINCA, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision, ACCION International, and Women’s World Banking. The geographical reach of their operations vary depending on their organizational and legal status and on the type of NGO sponsor, with some MFIs operating only at the district or county level others on a province-wide or region-wide basis, and a few on a nationwide scale.

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