Institutional and Other Measures

26. A country should have established a financial intelligence unit.

27. A country should have a designated law enforcement authority for money-launder­ing and financing-terrorism offenses.

28. Law enforcement authority should have adequate legal powers for investigation.

29. Подпись: 8Regulators should have adequate legal powers to monitor and ensure compliance with AML-CFT requirements.

30. Competent authorities should have adequate resources, integrity, and training for AML-CFT efforts.

31. Effective mechanisms need to be developed domestically for cooperation.

32. Institutions should maintain statistics on reporting, investigations, prosecutions, and mutual legal assistance.

33. Institutions should establish measures to deter unlawful use of corporations and timely information on beneficial ownership and control.

34. Institutions should establish measures to prevent unlawful use of legal arrangements (e. g., trusts), and ensure timely information on settlor, trustee, and beneficiaries.

International Cooperation

35. Each country should adopt Vienna, Palermo, suppression of financing of terrorism, and other international conventions.

36. Each country should rapidly provide mutual legal assistance.

37. Each country should render assistance notwithstanding the absence of dual crimi­nality.

38. Each country should have expeditious powers to identify, freeze, seize, and confis­cate property laundered from money laundering and financing terrorism.

39. Each country should recognize money laundering as an extraditable offence.

40. Each country should provide a wide range of other possible international coopera­tion.

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