Evaluating Financial Sector Supervision: Banking, Insurance, and Securities Markets

This chapter looks at the legal, institutional, and policy framework needed to ensure effec­tiveness of financial sector supervision. It focuses on banking, insurance, and securities markets. Effective supervision, however, depends on a legal and institutional environment that provides the necessary preconditions. Those preconditions include the following:

• The provision and consistent enforcement of business laws—including corporate, bankruptcy, contract, consumer protection, and private property laws—and a mechanism for fair resolution of disputes

• Good corporate governance, including adoption of sound accounting, auditing, and transparency procedures that carry wide international acceptance and that promote market discipline

• Appropriate systemic liquidity arrangements, including secure and efficient pay­ment clearing systems that enable adequate control of risks and efficient manage­ment of liquidity

• Adequate ways to minimize systemic risk, including appropriate levels of systemic protection or safety nets and efficient procedures for handling problem institu­tions

The preconditions complement the legal and institutional framework governing the specific sectors of the financial system (banks, nonbank financial institutions, rural and microfinance entities, securities markets, and insurance providers) and their supervision, which is discussed in section 5.1. The broader legal framework governing the precondi­tions is covered in chapter 9. Section 5.2 in this chapter focuses specifically on the legal and institutional aspects of financial sector safety nets, one of the key preconditions affecting governance and stability of banking institutions. The scope and content of inter-

national standards on financial sector supervision in banking, insurance, and securities markets and the issues in assessing compliance with these standards are taken up in detail in the subsequent sections of this chapter (sections 5.3—5.5).

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