European Central Bank Monetary Statistics

The European Central Bank (ECB) publishes—as part of its monetary statistics—aggre­gated and consolidated balance sheets of the euro area monetary financial institutions, as well as details on national aggregated balance sheets of the euro area monetary insti­tutions. Recently published series contain information on the cross-border positions of monetary financial institutions residing in the euro area vis-a-vis all financial institutions residing within and outside the euro area. Other monetary financial institutions statistics cover the number of institutions subject to minimum reserve requirement in each mem­ber and accession country, the number of mutual funds, and the number of foreign bank branches In addition, the ECB publishes the aggregated balance sheet of euro area invest­ment funds and statistics on securities issuance, money market interest rates, government bond yields, and stock market indices. They include the following:

• Years covered: 1997 onward (1999 for some series)

• Countries covered: Euro area countries

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