The prices for drugs in Ukraine can grow up

The prices for drugs in Ukraine can grow up

The prices for drugs in Ukraine can grow up

Last week tax specialists discussed in the Ministry of Finance one of numerous offers concerning reforming of fiscal system according to which introduction on medicines of a tax (VAT) is provided.

It should be noted that reform is connected with elimination of privileges as operations which are not subject to the taxation, for «medicines and products of medical appointment» (it does not concern preparations thanks to which laser polishing of the person is carried out, for example,). According to opinion of experts, it can cause rise in prices for the pharmaceutical goods. Now drugs in the country are not taxed.

The leading partner of lawyer firm "PARITET" Boris Danevich considers that feature of the VAT is that it final buyers among whom ordinary consumers in drugstores make 80 %, in fact, pay, and other 20 % fall on the state. According to him, the VAT size at tender purchases will concern the state budget and if it there will be drugs in drugstores, already ordinary buyers.

According to experts, preparation for introduction of the VAT for medicines is carried out by the state at rather serious and high level. In the documents on cost of drugs Ministry of Health and Ministry persistently remember also the VAT.

Somewhat to soften rise in prices for medicines the differentiated rate of a tax is capable.

Danevich also notes that the positive outcome can provide possible decrease in the VAT of GNAU to 12-7 %. The main thing that there was no other situation: The VAT for preparations will enter, and its size remains invariable.

At present plans Tax only ripen. At a meeting in the Ministry of Finance it was decided to organize the working group improvement of offers on reforms becomes which purpose.

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