Ukrainians from abroad send billions and buy up real estate of

Ukrainians from abroad send billions and buy up real estate of

Ukrainians from abroad send billions and buy up real estate

Abroad more than six and a half million able-bodied population of Ukraine work. Despite current situation abroad, to be exact, on a crisis state, the increasing and most part of the Ukrainian population there continues to leave. The considerable part of Ukrainians reveals desire to go on earnings to Italy. As showed research, more, than seven hundred thousand Ukrainians from which it is legally registered less than a third there managed to move. Just one of these days operation on identification of illegal immigrants and their further legalization started to be carried out. It is planned to reveal all illegal immigrants to the middle of October then all wishing can submit the application for permission to legal accommodation. By calculations it was established that in a day about one and a half thousand Ukrainians put in similar statements. If such permission to receive it will not be possible, required to return to Ukraine. Not everyone can find in the homeland work with worthy payment therefore much should be taken the credit in bank.

Let’s note that remain in the country on the legal rights those people who arrived to the country not later than two thousand eleventh can and found work. That and farther to remain and work there, it will be necessary for employer to write the application and to pay for "the" illegal immigrant a penalty at a rate of one thousand three hundred euros – this sum consists from вноса and taxes.

By estimates of experts the working population of Ukraine, gone abroad, annually send home from five euros to twelve billion. To be protected from the crisis, many people on arrival from earnings acquire inexpensive real estate in cost about thirty thousand euros.

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