We save on heating of

We save on heating of

We save on heating

All know that expenses on heating – one of the most essential to the maintenance of a country house. Many house owners prefer independent heating of the housing. For this purpose they establish thermal pumps, coppers which work at different types of fuel, and other systems of heating. Let’s understand efficiency and profitability of some of them.

As rather inexpensive fuel are used recently the natural and liquefied gas. Heat received from propane-butane manages approximately twice cheaper, than from diesel fuel. It, by the way, is suitable and for the ordinary gas stove. Simply bring to the house natural gas and recustomize a copper. To establish a "turnkey" gas-holder and to pay earthwork, about 10 thousand dollars are required. Application of gas cylinders possibly in small houses with good warming. It should be noted that expensive qualitative coppers are exposed to corrosion less, therefore, to clear them too it is possible less often. Coppers working at gas fuel differ the durability. Using gas fuel, you will face less doubtful smells. Carrying out independent gasification will demand the big territory for special steel capacity in volume of 4,85 m?, which then experts dig in to the earth.

In the European countries gas kondensatsionny coppers use popularity. Unlike simple gas, they allow to save nearly 10 % of the budget as the steam formed at combustion disappears in the atmosphere. Steam is used for additional heating of the heat-carrier. But do not forget that kondensatsionny coppers are much more expensive usual, and the effect of condensation is required only in low-temperature systems («a water heat-insulated floor»). In this regard, if you do not refuse radiatorny batteries, the kondensatsionny copper will begin to work as ordinary, that is, without increasing efficiency.

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