The dollar leaves one more country of

The dollar leaves one more country of

The dollar leaves one more country

Gradually the list of the countries which prefer to make calculations replenishes, passing the American national currency – dollar. Now the list of such countries will fill up Chile. This Latin American state agreed with China that volumes of trade relations between the countries will be increased twice within the next three years, and trade relations will be considerably modernized. Such data information source «provided Messages. Economy».

In turn the Chinese National Republic in the person of the prime minister Wen Jiabao suggested to enter currency swaps. Moreover, the People’s Republic of China is going to participate in construction of infrastructures with Chile.

Let’s remind of that earlier contracts on international payments in which the American dollar will not participate, Japan, China, Russia and India concluded among themselves. Besides, Iran and China gather calculations which were made earlier in US dollars, now to carry out barter, and India and Iran will replace dollar rupee which from now on becomes main "change" of the financial relations of these countries. Brazil and China are going to settle an invoice in the currencies.

The president of Chile, Sebastian Pinyera, declared that his country, as well as he, perfectly understands that China – quite big country and possibilities for cooperation with it nemeryano. In 2008 of Chile became the trading partner of China second for the size in all Latin America. Now and this "record" will be beaten.

If business goes and further, on mints of the USA instead of the press of dollars the digital press of leaflets will be made. However, this activity, apparently, will bring much more notable profits to the country. If to speak seriously, analysts and experts say that Chile becomes not the last country which has refused dollar.

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