Russians increase the savings by means of bank deposits of

Russians increase the savings by means of bank deposits of

Russians increase the savings by means of bank deposits

Following the results of sociological researches of a recruiting portal it became clear that for the last year the most popular method of increase in personal savings Russians had bank deposits.

According to opinion of economists that money did not depreciate owing to inflation, they should work. As we see, economically active inhabitants of Russia consider favorable deposits in banks. It should be noted that deposits in rubles, euro, dollars or other currency have 13 % of respondents. Investors consider that experience is necessary for stock market game or the personal broker and, respectively, good savings. It is much easier to put money in bank to have stable, let and the small income.

Games on Forex have less admirers. Such way of increase in the condition is preferred by 4 % of Russians. Investments in real estate, and also purchase of precious metals and gold involve 3 % of citizens.

Only 2 % of Russians invest the means in mutual funds. Every tenth of respondents (and it is about 10 %) as a method of enhancement of own savings chose another. Investments into business projects, currency and exchange operations, a loan of money under percent appeared those.

The most part of participants of sociological poll (54 %) admitted that on an extent of the last 12 months they did not make any actions for the purpose of enhancement of personal savings. Some gave reason for it that they simply «have nothing to increase», others yet were not defined, to what of existing ways of increase in the capital to prefer. So, many of them gave the following comments: «Investments – rather risky way», «Still I reflect over that, how it to make».

About 17 % of respondents in general refused to tell about how within a year they increased the budget as the matter counted incorrect.

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