Italy breaks records of

Italy breaks records of

Italy breaks records

When the majority of Ukrainians aspires to obtain the most favorable credit according to the card, in Italy there are financial actions of a bit different direction. As well as it was promised, the state placed the bills which term of the address makes 185 days. Total amount of all obligations made 9 billion euro. Such sum was included into plans of the government of the country.

Thus profitability of securities began grow and reached the maximum since December of a past, 2011, years. At present profitability of bills makes 2,957 % per annum while within the previous similar auction (we will remind that it passed on May 29), this indicator made 2,104 % per annum. The book of demands for bills was updated in 1,62 times, against 1,61 times last month.

Messages about it quickly extended in the corresponding circles, subsequently that profitability of the state bonds with term of the address in 10 years decreased on 5 basic points and now makes 6,14 %. And here the profitability spread with similar German papers makes 460 basic points.

Possibly, all events inspired Italy as the state plans to involve in national economy 5,5 billion more euro at the expense of placement of five years’ and ten years’ state bonds within the next auction.

On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, Italy managed to place bonds of the state loan of three releases. Total amount of securities made 3,91 billion euro that it is possible to consider as excellent result in a type of that volume most planned for placement made 4 billion euro. Average profitability of bonds made 4,712 % per annum while at the previous auction, namely on May 29 the current year, profitability equaled 4,037 % per annum.

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