The main stages of purchase of housing in a mortgage

The main stages of purchase of housing in a mortgageToday, despite growth of construction of houses, only the few presume to buy to themselves the apartment for cash, the majority should buy it on tick. Mortgage lending only gathers the turns in Russia, and though the tendency to decrease in interest rates every year is planned, after all they are much higher, than in the countries of Europe and America. For those who ventured such step and weighed the material possibilities on credit payment within several years, it is necessary to execute some steps.

1. It is necessary to define bank in which the mortgage will stand out. Criteria at its choice are the sum of an initial contribution and an interest rate on the credit. It is better to make an application in some banks to increase chances of an affirmative answer. To calculate the sum of a loan and number of years on which it is possible to obtain the credit, at an available monthly average salary, it is possible to use a mortgage loan calculator or to consult with credit experts in bank.

2. Further it is necessary to collect a package of documents which will request in any bank. It is the reference, and length of service for an affirmative answer should be not less than half a year, a form of 2 personal income taxes or a bank form about a salary, a copy of the passport, pension insurance, the service record and an INN.

3. After receiving an affirmative answer from bank, the borrower is given three months on apartment search. It is possible to choose the apartment independently or through agency, but only in houses already put in operation or in the secondary market of housing.

4. At this stage it is necessary to report to bank about the chosen apartment. The staff of bank should check reliability and competency of all documents on the mortgage apartment, and besides, apartment estimation of cost by the independent expert more often recommended by bank should be carried surely out. Services of the appraiser should be paid to the borrower.

5. If check passed successfully, the bank makes the purchase and sale contract, and also makes out the contract on a mortgage loan.

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