Whether it is necessary to invest money in actions.

There is such popular belief among a wide range of people that on a long period (calculation is conducted since thirty years) usual (that is not exclusive) actions are considered as most favorable of other known ways of investment. But thus it is necessary to consider big percent of risks. On shorter intervals of time of a ratio according to the income of actions, and also other types of investment can be absolutely opposite. It is necessary to know that long-term lifting can be provided only with reduction of number of other stocks quoted at stock exchanges.
If to give statistics, for example, stock market of the United States of America, all gain (if to take a time interval between 1980 and 2008) was provided only by 25 percent of shares. Other 75 percent of shares went down in price for this time interval. It occurred approximately on 2 % a year. If to give the Russian statistics, it is necessary to know that any action which was quoted since 1998 in the market or at the exchange of the enterprises, did not return to the cost before crisis.
It is possible to tell and it will not be exaggeration that any company finally – the bankrupt.

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