We buy the apartment: obligatory expenses

We buy the apartment: obligatory expensesQuite often, buying the apartment, it is necessary to face that means which are available for this transaction, do not suffice. Why it occurs, after all, it seems, everything is considered? Many consider that the sum equal to cost of the apartment is necessary. Here the disappointment also waits. Each time at such transaction surely there are unforeseen expenditure.

What it is necessary to remember, buying the apartment? Here some points of necessary expenses:

1. Cost of the bought apartment not always corresponds to that that is given in the announcement. If the price very high, most likely the seller understands the prices for real estate insufficiently or in the apartment too expensive repair is made. At quite low price deception is possible from real estate agency. Usually for involvement of the client the price intentionally underestimate, and subsequently in all ways try to incline the client on purchase of other apartment, certainly, more expensive. Very often in the market there are the apartments being on the verge of judicial dispute, their cost also can be underestimated.

2. Accepting services of agency of real estate, it is necessary to prepare in addition the sum in quantity from three to six percent from apartment cost. At the first meeting the agent can deliberately underestimate a tariff not to frighten off the client, but at the last stage of the transaction it will appear that percent for services higher. Therefore at once it is necessary to take into account the top border. It is necessary to take into account accelerated time of registration of the transaction, it will entail additional expenses.

3. The state duty at registration of purchase and sale of the apartment will be an inevitable expense. The sum small, but it is necessary to know it precisely.

4. Upon apartment purchase on a mortgage it is necessary to consider all commissions of bank, and also expenses on real estate and health insurance. Here expenses will be considerable therefore it is necessary to consider everything.

5. Married spouses surely should receive a notarized consent of other spouse to apartment purchase. And if the authorized representative is engaged in purchase, to expenses it is necessary to add cost of the power of attorney or services of firm which will conclude the bargain.

6. It is worth to remember about utilities in the brand new apartment and the property tax, especially if it is bought in the good area or a little more than believed norm on living space.

7. Well and the most important there will be an expense on room moving and arrangement of the acquired apartment.

If attentively to study all these points, expenses can be not such considerable, at least considered.

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