Assessment of real estate

Assessment of real estateTo carry out an independent expert assessment of real estate the firm which received the certificate of subjects of estimated activity which stands out Fund of state property of Ukraine have the right only. And the major companies still surely insure also professional responsibility of the employees that, it is natural, favorable and to clients who have additional guarantees. Estimate property, as a rule, for:
• Real estate acquisitions on the security of the object (mortgage);
• Insurance, or for an assessment of a damage and compensation sum;
• Entering of a real estate object into an authorized capital;
• Reassessments of a project cost of real estate;
• property alienations etc.

Process of an assessment of different objects is almost identical, assessment standards are developed long ago by the international union and society of appraisers. For the correct assessment, the expert collects a maximum of information and details about object, then analyzes received information. Market price calculate after comparison of the data received by the expert and a standard – average cost of apartments or houses with similar characteristics.

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