The budget for a family today

Despite a concept "consumer basket" urgency it after all gets under a lens of mass media, rather than a rate of inflation much less often. But from the usual population this term causes genuine interest. Though jokes and jokes about it too not to consider, as this concept not always corresponds to the Russian reality. So, for example, that fact is interesting that the consumption level this year coincides with 2006. It means that it is periodically necessary to reconsider parameters of this indicator that it was not created funny situations, and the simple population the beginning seriously treats this indicator. Instead of was interested in "consumer basket" only for satisfaction of curiosity. As the consumer basket is directly connected with a living wage, there is a logical question, what it for accommodation? For example, our legislation provides modification of a consumer basket not less often than 1 time in five years. Therefore the volume of a consumer basket for 2011-2012 remained at level of 2006.
As a whole on official statistics data very optimistical also say that the vast majority of inhabitants of Russia live, as they say, in relative prosperity.

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