Mortgage: whether so it is terrible, how speak?

The modern situation in the market of real estate says what to acquire housing at present it is possible only under condition of mortgage registration. It is connected with that the prices for housing grow in a geometrical progression and to save up for it without attraction of debt funds simply it will not turn out. And there will be an apartment purchase by unrealizable dream.
A large number of people are afraid to take a mortgage as too it provides long term of payments and a large sum of overpayments. But in connection with inflation growth such purchase as a result will appear even cheaper if you decide to save for it some years. The state does not carry out for a long time control in the field and consequently the prices for real estate constantly "dance" that in one, in other party. Also can happen so that the pleasant apartment suddenly sharply will rise in price. In case of a mortgage you gain some stability as in advance know, how many it will be necessary to pay next time.
As those who is compelled to remove housing win. The rent for apartments grows quickly and utilities too do not lag behind. That here is doubtless benefit. You on a mortgage bring payment for the apartment, besides bank percent annually decrease, as charge occurs already for the remained sum on the credit.

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