Mortgage: revenge

Mortgage: revenge

Mortgage: revenge

At the Russian market of a mortgage quite successfully it turned out to have hard time, and today it is on a way of fast restoration.

For 2011г. the Russian financial institutions provided 392,7 thousand mortgage loans for the sum equivalent 536,65 billion in rubles that in 2,3 times exceeds indicators past 2010г. in terms of money (in the quantitative – in 2 times).

The Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (Agency for housing mortgage lending) published an assessment, according to which total amount of delivery by banks of the credits following the results of 2011г. can quite reach pre-crisis indicators, and by quantity of the given-out loans and that it is more – to exceed of those. As expected, in the end of the year the volume of crediting will stop on a mark in 650 billion rubles (in 2008г. this indicator equaled on 665 billions) whereas loans about 450 thousand will be given out.

For achievement of pre-crisis heights it is necessary to give out to banks in the last quarter years of the credits for 113 billions in national currency. There is a probability that these purposes will be reached. In July-September the volume of the given-out loans was at a maximum level if to compare to the periods, since the third quarter 2008г., when credit and financial institutes provided record volume of the credits for 198,3 billion in rubles.

Updating of records as experts emphasize, is promoted also by the fact of that the mortgage became much more available than the former. Experts in the Central Bank published data according to which the rate on the rouble credits which were provided in October, averaged 11,6 % per annum (minimum level). A year before loans were provided on a rate in 13,5 %. On currency the rate for the specified period made 9,6 %.

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