Granting housing subsidies

Granting housing subsidiesIf the total income of a family does not exceed a living wage on each member of the family. Granting housing subsidies possibly only in that case if the payment for utilities makes more than 18 % from the cumulative income of a family.

Subsidies are provided in a registration place after providing all necessary documents.

The debt on utility bills can become the main obstacle in receiving a subsidy. To leave this situation it is possible by the conclusion of the contract on duty restructuring.

Actually everything is not so simple and clear as it seems at first sight. In practice it becomes clear that at calculation of the cumulative income the added salary, instead of the sum received on hands after payment of income tax of 13 % undertakes.

Let’s take for an example a standard Russian family: mother, the father, the small child is more senior than 1,5 years. One of members of the family works, another sits with the child.

The added salary makes 21000 rubles, as a result on hands of people will receive 21000 rub a minus of 13 % total 18200 rubles. The living wage on three members of the family will make about 19600 rubles.

It would seem, granting housing subsidies possibly but as it was told above, the actual sum which the person receives on hands, and added (i.e. 21000 rub) is considered not. As a result the family will not receive a subsidy since the income on 1 member of the family makes 7000 rub that above a living wage.

Recently the tendency to decrease in a so-called bureaucratic threshold was outlined. It is reduced, though slowly, the list of documents necessary for receiving a subsidy.

And though work as the state in this direction is conducted without passing of several instances not to manage.

Recently passed law on interdepartmental interaction directed on reduction (and in an ideal and in general absence) campaigns of the citizen on the various organizations for collecting packages of necessary documents can become the decision.

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