What is necessary for mortgage registration?

What is necessary for mortgage registration?At registration of a mortgage many documents are filled. It allows bank to secure itself against unpaid money. On the other hand, the borrower can be sure that all his documents are issued correctly, and it as a result does not remain both without the apartment, and without money. Mortgage registration – the business demanding a serious approach and knowledge. If the borrower the first time faces this procedure, most likely, it is unfamiliar with its nuances. The mortgage contract is not valid, if it was not registered in the relevant services. For this purpose it is necessary to address in registration body and to present necessary documents for mortgage registration:

  1. The statement from both parties: borrower and creditor.
  2. Receipts on payment of the state tax.
  3. Identity cards.
  4. The documents establishing the property right of the borrower on acquired housing (the purchase and sale contract, мены and пр).
  5. The contract of mortgages – is the main document. All moments of interaction of bank and the borrower should be registered in it.
  6. The credit agreement – represents calculation of payments, and terms repayment of a duty and percent on it.
  7. Cadastral passport of real estate.
  8. If owners of object is several persons (a striking example – a communal flat), be required notarized a consent of each owner.

It is necessary to consider and interests of minor owners. For this purpose it is required to address in bodies of guardianship for the corresponding permission.

The mortgage will not be registered, if the statement of the pawnbroker on acceptance of own housing as a deposit is not provided. In certain cases can be demanded and additional documents.

Sometimes the rights of the credit organization make sure the mortgage. It is specified in the contract. In that case for registration of a mortgage it is required to provide and this document. The mortgage is at the creditor until the duty will not be paid completely. It can be handed by means of transfer inscriptions. However each new owner if it does not register the right in EGRP, should prove competency of the possession by means of various documents.

Term of registration of a mortgage is extremely reduced and for today makes only 3 days. As soon as the mortgage duty is completely extinguished, the owner of premises can take the document confirming this fact from bank and to address in registration services for encumbrance removal. For this purpose also the statement, a package of documents and the letter of bank on the paid credit is required.

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