It would be desirable to do what to be pleasant?

It would be desirable to do what to be pleasant?About that in the world is a lot of successful women, it both the biznez-lady, and prime ministers, and even presidents, all of us know. But that the percent of such women of rather rich succeeding men scanty, is known not by all. And why? It would be possible to note here injustice of distribution of money and career growth of women, that the most part of women with the higher education (and sometimes and with several) does not realize itself professionally. But all these problems are constantly exaggerated in the press, and "things are right where they started".

It is possible to think up something most, and it is possible to read interesting article about how to earn money. But the majority of women has one common problem which does not allow to realize itself professionally: children and routine household chores. More truly, it is two problems … Though it is difficult to call it problems. Perhaps, on the contrary, it is your incentive: for the sake of whom and that to undertake all new attempts to ego-trip and be realized?

And now about the main thing, work which you carry out, should be pleasant. Small test: that you do, when the kid calmed down, sleeps and you have "heap" of free time. The answer – I wash the dishes or I clean in the apartment – is not accepted. Perhaps, prepare any super tasty and unknown dish, or sew beautiful nakidushechka on a sofa, or knit to the kid an unusual hat or a toy? All these affairs which bring you pleasure, once can start to bring also money, practically without leaving the house and without restraining the rights of members of household.

And if we mention the Internet, here possibilities to realize are boundless. Like to cook food, it is beautiful to submit it – create the blog, publish recipes, a photo, master classes. Entice visitors interesting articles and earn on advertizing.

Can entice in the circle «Skillful handles» of many? Issue a circle in the form of a site, create forums, communicate, exchange ideas and experience. And a site awaking to make for you profit if the site is high quality, and the profit will be powerful.

Having read one more interesting article about how to earn money, probably you will have still a set of interesting ideas and the directions of the realization. The main thing to begin and not to be afraid, after all you do that you to be pleasant.

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