Hobby and hobbies as type of earnings

Hobby and hobbies as type of earnings

Hobby and hobbies as type of earnings

Still it is accepted to divide work from a hobby and hobby. The first — for earnings. The second and the third — as a hobby. But it is possible to combine business with pleasure!

To all fault a stereotype that money and a hobby together do not get on. Therefore many of us got used to conduct a double life. Look back — for certain and in your environment there are people whom by the nature of activity — secretaries, accountants, managers, and on calling — high quality photographers, designers and fashion designers … «But after all all this is frivolous, it is necessary to earn». Exactly. And to do it it is possible with all the heart, instead of with a great effort!

What do I am able?

To someone at once will come to mind the answer to this question. But such, as a rule, units. The majority will tell that no talent for anything to such special have. Also will be wrong. Sometimes we are so occupied with work, a family, household questions that our talents hide far. And to open them it is the extremely difficult. But it is possible. For this purpose take a standard sheet of paper. Arm with the handle and a bright marker. Write down all those occupations which bring you pleasure, than you are engaged with easy soul, joyfully. Write down each thought, any idea — after all never you know that as a result will shoot.

When the list of "pleasures" will be ready, allocate with a marker those points which especially are close to you. Do not hurry up, sometimes on definition of «the business» leaves from several hours to several months. It is normal, important not to despair — your talent all the same will prove.

How to define cost

All of us, of course, would like to sell the services or the goods it is more favorable. However it is worth to remember that competitors do not doze and can win your clients over. Therefore, especially if you a beginner of a hobby businessman to include in the goods price cost of the new apartment, cars or travel it is not necessary. At the beginning will enough consider expenses on materials and your personal time. Already later, having turned out base, you connect here percent on profit. What it should be — you will solve. Think over in advance system of discounts and actions. You should be grounded in it because any buyer of services or the goods will surely turn on this attention.

It is good to allure the client by means of every possible gifts for purchase of two-three goods. It should be not obligatory something grandiose. Even the small napkin or, say, a toy, will please your client and, believe, will force to address to you again.

Be more compliant, discussing goods cost. And for this purpose at first make a small nakrutka that then it was possible to present it in the form of a discount for the goods.

We hope, your hobbies and hobbies will bring you the first capital and become an infused source of the income.

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