Where to invest money?

Where to invest money?

Where to invest money?

Not the secret that each of us thought of where to invest own money. Yes it is not simple to enclose, and so that as a result it appeared rather favourably. From the very beginning it is necessary to tell what to invest money without absolute risk it is unreal, as each hiding place will be open, and the lock – is cracked. Therefore, it is necessary to invest own money with the minimum risk. For a start it is necessary to enclose only the PART of money with the minimum risk. This money in the subsequent will provide a certain financial margin of safety in the most unforeseen situations (work loss, an illness and so forth).

So where to invest money so that they worked? Options a little: real estate, securities and mutual funds. Let’s notice that an investment of money in real estate – the most reliable and safe way. However and here not everything is so smooth, as there are two problems. The first – too inflated price of the purchase, after all not everyone can save enough funds for acquisition of the apartment or a country house. The second problem – the price for real estate is exposed to considerable fluctuations.

One more rather simple option – an investment of money in securities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that on securities market money not only is acquired, but also lost.

One of passive options of an investment of money – mutual funds. It is necessary to remember only that, investing money in this way, you transfer the right to their management, and all risk to lose money remains on you.

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