What is necessary for work on Forex?

What is necessary for work on Forex?

What is necessary for work on Forex?

All sense of work on forex consists in buying currency cheaper, and to sell it after a while more expensively, or, on the contrary, on sale of the borrowed currency at one price and its repayment in the market at lower price. The difference of the prices between purchase and sale makes profit of the trader.

Work on forex is simple only at first sight. Actually behind rather simple decisions on purchase and sale during the concrete moment of time huge work on the analysis of the current and last market prices, fundamental factors of economy, news, the prices in the adjacent markets, the current psychological state of the market and other indicators lies. And it not everything, even after transaction work proceeds: whether it is necessary to estimate there corresponds real movement of an exchange rate predicted, whether the position and if is not present was correctly open, what factors prevented predicted movement of the market, whether it was possible to provide them. Thus, even after closing of positions will constantly proceed a correction of mistakes.

Normally to work at the forex market to you rather powerful computer with the big monitor and connection to the Internet is necessary only. On the computer the special program – the trading terminal in which there is an analysis of schedules, receiving news, decision-making and transactions is established. The big monitor is not obligatory, but will be more convenient, as on it you can place at the same time more schedules of various currencies and the various temporary periods together with «a hot tape» current news and other separate windows, such as development of trading strategy or the table of the opened and closed positions.

It is necessary to understand and at once to accept that to one knowledge of process of profitable trade comes in few months, and to another only in some years. And it not always depends on that, how many books of articles and forums you will read, as all knowledge receives in practice.

Forex the broker very often is required to those who not only keeps the active involvement in the exchange market, but also only starts to be engaged in it. If you enter into this quantity, the broker office will always come to the rescue of you.

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