We work, leaving only on the Internet

We work, leaving only on the InternetThere are many options of earnings on the Internet. Having made certain efforts, on the Internet it is possible to make good money. Many people earn in a network on own site, the blog or in a different way, but thus are in comfortable house conditions.

How to work on the Internet if there is the web — a resource?

First of all, on the web — a resource place advertizing. Large sites or blogs find to themselves advertisers directly, small a web — resources address in special systems which look for for them customers on advertizing. There are many types of advertizing: banner, contextual, emerging windows, tizer and another. The profit on banner advertizing depends on that, is how frequent on a web — a resource visitors come. The sum for one cliques on a banner very small but if on a site or the blog many visitors come, on banner advertizing it is possible to earn. On small sites it is more favorable to place a contextual advertizing. It should correspond completely to a subject of page of a site on which it is located.

Sale of references — popular earnings in a network. Earnings from sale of references will depend on its TITs and PR. For popular blogs it is favorable to sell a place under articles. References in them well approach to a page subject, so, such way of earnings is more acceptable both for the seller, and for the buyer.

Sometimes create a site specially for earnings on partner programs. Such web resource is a copy of the main site, though can have the design. Often such version of the partner program shops offer the Internet. It can be shops on sale everything.

Some sites on the Internet offer paid services. Dating sites, the Internet — auctions and others can be an example of such sites.

How to earn in a network without a site or the blog?

Popular earnings on the Internet is фриланс and a copywriting.

The freelancer, does a certain volume of work on the Internet according to the arrangement with the customer and receives for it money. Фрилансерамси there can be managers, advisers, journalists, a web — masters and many other.

Copywriters write an original content for filling of sites. The majority of copywriters find to itself customers through the exchanges which there is a lot of on the Internet.

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