We open the construction business

We open the construction business

We open the construction business

Construction and repair of the rooms most of different function is a never-ending source of earnings today. However, as well as in each type of earnings, there are "but". Having darted a short glance on cleaned to shine and ready at any time to start to work the makita electrotool, you again thought that would be time to start to work for itself. Also it is the right thought! But with what to begin?

It is necessary to begin from the very beginning – a produmyvaniye of process of work, collecting team etc. But do not stop on it, theoretical, as a matter of fact, parts for a long time – start practice. At first it is necessary to open to (register) the legal entity, that is the company which will carry out construction works. For this purpose in registration body the package of the documents, which contents you moves will find at the representative of body or in the Internet.

The license for construction company is not necessary. Since January 1, 2010 instead of the license documentary confirmation of acts that your company entered and is at present the member of SRO, that is the self-regulating organization. For the introduction in SRO you as need a certain package of documents. As a rule, it is constituent documents of firm, and as all certificates available for you and licenses SRO and the statement. Your demand will be considered till 30 days.

As to further actions, here you are expected by the most important is a search of employees and search of clients. Actually, to find experts today it is not so difficult. And clients will not be a little. To look for customers it is possible the most various ways. If you want to develop quickly, we advise to you to pack search methods – use everything, beginning from so-called "gossip hotline" and to tenders and competitions.

Remember, all in your hands!

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