Rewriting – art of earnings

Rewriting – art of earnings

Rewriting – earnings art

Throughout a heading «Pay to itself», would like to tell you about the next way to earn on the Internet real money – rewriting. Tell please, how long you copied texts by the own words? Remember school compositions, retellings? And so, presently it is called as rewriting and is rather well paid. So, what such rewriting?

Every day in a network there are about 1000 sites. Generally many companies create the representations on the Internet, and texts for filling are necessary to each company. Texts should be colourful, describe all advantages of the company. And someone should write these texts. Yes, the staff of the companies can make it, but the professional approach is necessary, and to engage the employee on continuous employment expensively. Many people use services of a rerayter: the web designer which create a site on sale (to it good, selling texts which will fill a site with a content (contents) are necessary; seooptimizator (to them texts with keywords are necessary). Generally, everything that though as – that is connected with business and the Internet needs a good qualitative content. Why rewriting – excellent work? Actually, pluses масса:прежде everything, you solve, when to you to wake up. It is not necessary to rise, like mad, on an alarm clock in the 7th mornings, quickly to make toilet, have breakfast, crowd with public transport. No. It not for you. You it is impossible to dismiss, reduce, cut down a salary, or not to give holiday. Your earnings are established by you, and it will be limited only by laziness. Excellent realization of sovy creative potential. That receives good rerayter:-earnings from 500 c.u. a month (the price of good rerayter which 2-3 years work, 3-5 тыс.у.е) – to provide a family, even during crisis; – to start to work from first day; – increasing the skills, you can raise the income. Usually people when to hear such, ask a question: and how I will become them if I – that to write plainly I am not able? And knowledge special is not present, and it, probably, costs very expensively. I want you to please: first of all, to start to work it is possible without having any experience. Will be that you learn to retell simply articles of other people in other words enough. Here it just also is rewriting. It is work type the easiest. And it can learn very quickly. Also there can be a question: why unique articles if all this suffices on the Internet are necessary? It is possible to take and copy simply. But everything is not so simple. The eye of Omniscience of search engines distinguishes, unique it is article or not. And violators of the rights are threatened by site closing, rigid falling of a rating clients, partners, therefore, leave. The result – stops to exist a site, the company. It is possible to tell about pluses of this activity in the days. But, for a start, I want to recommend to you to see small presentation. After viewing you can make the decision, for you this work or not. In any case, I am sure that seen by you will help further.

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