Bank: whether it is necessary to hold there money?

It is necessary to tell that money in bank, as a contribution, can be considered as one of the main options of storage of means in a money equivalent. Certainly, thus it is necessary to remember that there is a risk when there can be a situation, and means can be frozen. Such option becomes possible, when the situation at which there can be a fact of mass withdrawal of money from bank that can threaten all system of banks is created. Such situation arose during crisis of 1998. Then the authorities froze practically all currency deposits of the population of Russia.
Today there is a risk on insolvency of separate bank. It is more probable, but it is less essential, than crash of the whole system. At bankruptcy of separately taken bank the state system of insurance on deposits with guarantee will work.
Rise in prices, since 2010, that is rouble inflation, led to that the new stage of falling of profitability from deposits began. Most likely this tendency will remain and in 2011. Inflation acceleration this year does threat so we will tell, than negative profitability is even more actual. Therefore it is necessary to think carefully before doing a long-term contribution to bank.

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