2011, what rise in prices?

The policy who was led by the authorities last 2010, brought to that that at the beginning of the first quarter 2011 the tendency of a rise in prices did not change. Known financiers assume that by the end of the year the rise in prices should decrease, but there are also chances that figures of this 2011 can even be worse than the last year’s.
Force of our ruble directly envy from degree of a monetary rating. The rise in prices is interconnected with state policy. And also the rouble currency depends on that how many is issued in a direct turn annually. In principle from the moment of release of new monetary notes and before they begin the influence on the prices there is rather long time. If national economy is stable, this time period makes about a year or even more. But if the country is in a crisis condition, and rates of inflation high, this term considerably decreases.
Certainly that will be with rouble currency, first of all, lies on conscience of the state and the power. Among other things the price index is influenced also by commercial banks which are capable to increase monetary weight at the expense of various ways of crediting. One more factor about which it is worth to remember this fluctuation of ruble concerning other currencies, it is reflected, as a rule, in the import goods.

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