The interesting facts about a dollar sign

The interesting facts about a dollar sign

The interesting facts about a dollar sign

Probably, it is interesting to much that means a sign which often designate dollar. However it is necessary to tell that the consensus how there was this sign, does not exist. A number of scientists and researchers considers that when Spaniards took out gold from the American colonies in cast whetstones, they put on them a sign S (on the first letter of the name of the country – Spain). After ingots arrived to Spain, on them put one vertical line, and when sending to colonies – one more.

Other researchers are inclined to argue that the dollar sign was formed thus: the word "peso" reduced to a letter P, and to its right part added a small letter s which pointed to plural. Over time from a letter P began to leave only one vertical line, and on it to write a letter S.

Besides, there is an opinion that the dollar sign designates two Herculean columns which are twisted with a tape is the Spanish coat of arms being a symbol of power and the power, and also firmness and financial stability.

The most widespread version is as follows: in 1778 the American businessman by name of Oliver Pollock used for the first time this sign in the account books. This person was the supplier of army of the American patriots during hostilities against English oppressors, bought the weapon from Spaniards, did business in peso and brought the sums of revenue of account books with a badge combining P and S. Pollock provided the accounts to the American congressman Robert Morris who started to apply for the first time a dollar sign in the documents.

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