The capital of Platinum leaves for the horizon

The capital of Platinum leaves for the horizon

Withdrawal of the foreign capitals from banking systems of Ukraine still lasts. One of these days it became clear that the American investment funds in which there are biggest blocks of shares of Platinum Bankа, look for investors on acquisition of the share.

Except it, among shareholders of bank there are Swedish funds of direct investment of East Capital, International Financial Holding (IFC), and also the London investment funds Asset Management.

If you open bank, for press conferences, to be necessary for you the equipment. Today rent of the sound equipment camp good choice.

In Platinum Bank the fact of conversation is not denied. But thus report that investment funds, as a rule, speak about average terms of investments in the horizon of 3-5 years then the profit will be fixed. «In 8 years of work of bank we more than once overcame through serious tests, thanks to our structures of shareholders.

But as showed experiment, these tests are not notable for each our client, do not influence strategy in establishment development» — the chairman of Platinum Bank G. Krasnov speaks to "Expert".

According to the main investment chairman of Horizon M. Ivashko, bank management absolutely copes with a goal on achievement of financial result, and the bank consists as the most attractive investment in a portfolio of funds. As the expert believes, the reason of an exit of the shareholder, most likely, is expectation of the lowered profitability of banking in average urgent prospect.

It is probable because of reduction of the income of the population and, as result, a consumer demand which is the main source of the income of bank. It is known that the asset of bank was reduced for the past year by 1,4 % while on all banking systems grew by 6,6 %.

According to the expert, the bank of the similar sizes goes today at the price of about 0,25 capitals (almost same cost A.Adarich who got Erste Bank paid). «The estimated price of 46 percent of shares shows a mark of close 60 million hryvnias.

On my discretion, an exit of other shareholders of bank it is hardly probable, as adversity of a situation in banking systems of Ukraine is a reason for a low estimate of cost of a bank asset,» — the head of the TASK investment group V. Ivanishin considers.

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