Prices for gold tomorrow and yesterday

In the seventies the government refused from so-called «a gold anchor», and the majority of the countries at that time began to pursue policy of pro-inflation, peculiar inflating monetary weight. It also was an incitement for this purpose, as occurs to this day.
Already it became in the eighties appreciable that such stimulation of inflation gives relief only on a short period, and then ceases to work. The majority of the developed countries by that moment tested on itself, so-called, stagflation, this peculiar combination of recession and inflation. Now the new state policy directed on fight against the prices both their growth, and restriction on issue of securities began to be conducted. The prices for gold according to steel sharply and promptly to fall. This situation was promoted also by that many central banks left and a half the gold reserves. Then banks adopted the mutual agreement, and the prices for gold were stabilized.
Further since 2002, periodically the prices for gold start grow and again to fall. Such situation remains so far. This tendency will proceed and further, that is the percent of flat money is higher than subjects, the price for gold, and on the contrary is higher than subjects.

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