Mortgage deposits: main features

Why the mortgage contribution and that this such is necessary. If so we will tell the concept "mortgage" or so-called "mortgage loan" everything it is known, the phrase as «a mortgage contribution» is rather new and it is unusual for the ordinary citizen from Russia. Therefore people often confuse these concepts «a mortgage contribution» and "mortgage loan". It in principle rather different products offered by bank, but by and large are naturally connected among themselves.
What is the mortgage contribution. In principle it is a contribution which assumes further the sum saved up on it to start up on account of repayment of an initial contribution on a mortgage which the person will issue in the same bank. The word "mortgage" gives a certain psychological effect, and often serves as simply marketing course which is used by banks. Such contribution interests people who plan to use further mortgage lending.
Thus, the mortgage loan is the credit for definite purposes, and the mortgage contribution is a contribution on definite purposes. It opens in bank for purchase of real estate and respectively for the sake of accumulation of money. In principle this contribution is not intended only for this purpose that the means placed on it, will be spent for apartment acquisition by means of the credit on a mortgage.

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