Census of brokers

Antimonopoly department is going to toughen measures in relation to insurance brokers. It suggests to create the uniform list of intermediaries, and to try to make for them the bank guarantee plus responsibility insurance. And that the size of the commission charges will much important oblige them to open. In the middle of June of this year of FAS will begin consideration of this question. It will lead to that work of brokers becomes transparent and consequently it will be easier to consumer to check the insurer. Department also will provide a guarantee and for work of insurance brokers. Insurance of so-called personal responsibility for the broker as it deals with money of the client and insurance company becomes concrete one of offers. As also additional guarantees for brokers their membership in SRO, and also division of accounts of broker companies will serve.
Certainly, VSS (The All-Russia union of insurers) calls in question the offered project and considers that he demands additional discussion. Also VSS suggests to differentiate strictly activities of different types for mediation. Here opponents see danger of a complete elimination of so-called institute of mediation.

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