As euro

low falls

Still practically recently pair of euro/dollar represented a clear picture. Euro smoothly grew, and the dollar slowly fell. All also seemed how it is necessary, and euro is simple be not to stopping. The European currency left on a record mark. And here as usual world news. Trichet and his statements, and also Greece and its duty. And there is a question: everything, is the end to euro growth?
Well, and now we will classify everything. Naturally euro simply cannot infinitely grow, without having obstacles in the way. It is necessary to tell that partly level of euro is supported by ordinary speculators. And there are implicit reasons. And here the result of euro promptly falls.
And here thanks to improbable efforts of euro again grows. But all understand that it is the time period will not be long. As all heard news about problems of a number of the European countries. At first Spain where after change of the government big debts in the budget were found. Then Italy can become the next country in debt epidemic.
All these news say that during the closest period of euro will have not the best times. The picture of last year can repeat. There are forecasts of known financiers that euro will fall concerning dollar about 6 percent. But if euro is possible to keep on a mark 1,4000, that is the hope that it can break a negative pressure.

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