The consumer credit, without certificates of the income.

The consumer credit, without certificates of the income.

Know, why many orenburzhets prefer "employment" of the service record to positions with a small salary, avoiding places, where salary big, but «in envelopes»? Think, because of accumulation of a working experience for receiving pension? Here not!

The Orenburg mortgage consulting company (JSC OIKK) carried out researches of the matter and found out that the main reason for official employment with a small salary is … the fear of refusal in the consumer credit!

The person is so arranged that first of all thinks of pressing problems, and then already about prospects. And to solve in the modern world many such problems (to get the refrigerator, the stove, materials for repair in the apartment to pay for training etc.) consumer crediting is called.

But what to do, if:

  • earnings allow to pay off quickly on the credit, and the owner of enterprise/firm refuses to "be shone" and issue the certificate of the income, or in this reference the "official" income, considerably smaller on the size from real is specified,
  • to the individual businessman, the owner of business difficult documentary to prove the solvency?

Step towards to the consumer credit

«Let’s take the first step to the client!» – so solved in JSC OIKK and the certificate of the income ceased to demand by consideration of a question of consumer crediting for the sum to 500 thousand rubles!

Now everything that is necessary for credit registration, is only the passport or other document proving the identity, and also individual tax number!


  • from you it is not required to look for guarantors or to leave any property as a deposit;
  • you do not need to prove that proceeds of credit will be spent with that purpose which is specified in documents.

Do not believe in such good luck? Come to office of the Uniform credit and insurance center JSC OIKK or call 77-60-72, 30-60-81. You will save time and forces, receive exhaustive consultation, a legal aid and the consumer credit without the certificate of the income!

Conditions of receiving the consumer credit without certificates of the income

  • Credit sum: to 500 000 rub.
  • Certificate of the income: NO. *
  • Necessary documents: the passport, an INN (or the friend the document proving the identity).

To issue now *

You specify information on the income in the application for the credit. Advantages of this product: – the minimum package of documents, is not present need for documents from a work place; – a large sum of the credit without pledge and guarantors; – it is not necessary to confirm the purpose of use of proceeds of credit. In more detail familiarize with program conditions you can at offices of the Uniform credit and insurance center and for phone.

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