Pluses and autocrediting minus.

Pluses and autocrediting minus.

Pluses and autocrediting minus.

Making out a car on credit, you should understand that, despite an abundance of offers to provide the car on credit from banks and motor shows, with the conditions most fantastic and favorable to you (and can and thanks to this abundance) are the carefully disguised traps. After all cannot neither banks, nor motor shows to work to yourself at a loss, on the contrary they are interested in increase in the income and will try to make it at your expense if you are inattentive.

Signing the contract on granting the credit, you agree on all its conditions, and therefore attentively read it everything, including that is written by a small print.

Attentively get a grasp of additional credit conditions, sometimes they absolutely do not suit you or simply superfluous in this contract and are intended only on a vymanivaniye of your means, choose only those programs that suit you.

Take an interest in interest rates on the credit if they less rate of refinancing of the Central Bank, it is already suspicious, most likely it means that from you plan to receive money in other form.

Study as the schedule of the provided payments. On them you can precisely count up, how many as a result you pay for this credit. Also remember that many banks reluctantly go on early repayment of the credit, exposing a condition term in 12 months before which to extinguish ahead of schedule the credit it is impossible. And sometimes and establishing penalties at the rate to 2 % of the remained sums.

Take an interest and forms of payments on the credit, for example, whether it is possible to receive a credit card from bank and to list from it the next payments.

PTS before the completion of payment of the credit is stored in bank therefore do not forget to hand over in time documents better, differently penalties can be imposed on you.

The express credit is suitable only for people who cannot confirm the income. Only in it plus of the similar credits, as in this program of the credits the highest percent. And if you have a stable and sufficient income which you can confirm, disagree on this type of crediting.

Remember as that offered you motor show bank, it not the obligatory requirement, you can address to services of other bank. Where can issue the consumer credit in bank on car acquisition.

If to you offer the interest-free credit, remember that that actually in the nature is not present. As in this case you should pay for the car the sum much bigger, than it costs on classical system of autocrediting, plus to pay the expensive bank commissions.

Crediting on Trade-in system, has that minus that your old car will be estimated much below its market cost, in pluses of this crediting that interest rates, on it are, as a rule, lower also process of registration simple and fast.

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