Money in actions and bonds.

The most profitable asset for the private investor is obtaining stocks of the Russian companies. The stock market in recent years possesses the income in actions. This income is not included into comparison with currency, bank deposits, real estate. The Russian actions which differ small dividends, do not confuse investment companies. The constant annual rise in prices for actions comes to light.
If long-term investments and creation of the capital are required it is better than an asset as the type of investments is not present. Because of long time intervals actions manage to change inflations and to bring high profitability within a short period of time. Huge plus is easy implementation of stocks. But without a certain knowledge and without having experience by investments in an action it is not necessary to be engaged.
Reliable investment of money on securities market is investment in the bond. It is accepted to call the bond a debt security upon which purchase the company issuer, investors are creditors. Duties of the issuer include payment to holders of bonds as soon as term of the contract will expire, par value of the bond, and also the predicted stable income which consists of percent from face value of cost.

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