Insertion of money in bank and share funds.

For a favorable contribution of money to securities the private investor can use the general fund of management of bank. This creation occurs to the help of accumulation of funds of a part of investors to invest stock market. The income is in direct dependence with growth securities market and management of fund was how effectively conducted. Investors any do not receive a guarantee. Work of each font is under construction in connection with a strategy choice. Everything depends on value of put papers.
OFBU is always available. Implementation by banks of operations in currency means and not use of services of the Russian depositaries explains availability. Insertion of means of OFBU in securities, using the Russian and foreign companies, in precious metals, currency means depends on type of funds. As to expenses of investors, they depend on compensation and an award to the managing director, the commission if the exit was early. The general fund does not use service of specialists depositaries, registrars and auditors. As a result of it investors do not pay for services of these organizations. Shares are not securities therefore to transfer them to the third parties it is forbidden.

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