Where it is possible to obtain a loan, and what for you waits in case of a non-return?

A number of the organizations allows the employees to take loans. To learn about, whether there is such possibility in your firm – can in the accounts department. In case to you will carry, and such possibility is really available, sit down to table and write the application addressed to company administration, having specified the purposes and loan volume. Then responsible persons will consider your demand, considering reputation and operating time in the company then will pass the decision on granting/refusal in a loan. Then it will be necessary to issue the relevant order and on the basis of this order to make the contract with the indication of terms of return and the sum. Competently count the possibilities on payments, after all except the duty it is necessary to pay also percent on a loan. And in that unpleasant case if money it will not turn out to return to the specified term, the company has full authority to start to subtract the debt sum from your salary. And though the law limits such compulsory payments in 50 percent from a salary, all the same it not a reason for evasion from payments if the reputation and a workplace is expensive to you. And to solve in the modern world many such problems (to get the refrigerator, the stove, materials for repair in the apartment to pay for training etc.) consumer crediting is called.

Conditions of receiving the consumer credit without certificates of the income

  • Credit sum: to 500 000 rub.
  • Certificate of the income: NO. *
  • Necessary documents: the passport, an INN (or the friend the document proving the identity).

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