And want to heat up

And want to heat up

And want to "heat up"

Recently in increasing frequency we hear and we read that banks deceive the clients. No, it is not connected in any way with crisis. However, no, it is connected, however not how you think.

Matter is not that the banks which have grown poor from crisis began a thicket to deceive, and that the clients who have grown poor from crisis of banks began a thicket to pay attention to that, for as how many they pay. Let’s try to deal with, how us want to deceive not to come across and to "heat up" on another’s dodge.

The first and most popular deception is an outstanding credit. Let’s assume, you took money on credit to make the house the real fireplace or even to start to establish fireplaces, that is for the organization and development of the business. And here fireplaces already became a part of your life, in a type of their popularity, your affairs went well and you completely paid off with bank. In this case it is better to you to collect all checks about payment in one folder and to store them within three years or to ask the reference that the credit completely was extinguished by you in time. Otherwise the bank can «найти2 a small underpay and for some years to turn it into couple of thousands duty, and then стребовать from you it through court.

The deception second for popularity is covered in salary cards which we after change of work forget to cancel. The matter is that the forgotten card continues to be served, therefore from it money for service and its balance is drawn out goes to "minus". Well and further, as in deception No. 1.

And the third place we give to a technical overdraft. Such possibility is now practically in each debetny card. You can remove more than there put, then as credit card, to fill up it. However it is necessary to remember that return you can only all sum at once, and the interest rate can appear out of any framework. Besides possibility to spend more than you earn it is dangerous!

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