What information is brought in credit history?

What information is brought in credit history?The credit history contains information not only on the bank credits. Some microfinancial organizations and mobile network operators also transfer data on debtors. In the short term cooperation with bureau of credit histories plan to begin and the housing and communal services enterprise. Thus, data on municipal debtors will get too to "file".
The credit history of the citizen contains for a long time large volume of information in the western countries. On it it is possible to learn, how he rented the apartment as paid the Internet, phone, paid television, whether in time paid off on utility bills. Therefore the western citizens very much make thrifty use of the credit history, after all the positive file will help not only when receiving the cheap credit, but also and at employment, the conclusion of the contract of rendering of services on more favorable conditions.
Such importance of the credit file plan to "impart" and in Russia. However while it is impossible, as the main author of history still is the bank. Nevertheless, bureaus of credit histories shortly plan to leave for other organizations.
For example, year – two in credit history is planned to include data on utility bills of Russians in the next. According to data of officials, population debts on housing and communal services for the first half of the year 2012 made 170 billion rubles. Most often citizens of Russia detain payments for hot water and heating. If you want to begin the business, it is necessary for you will take care not only of credit history, but also about obtaining necessary certificates.
According to experts, entering into credit history of delays on utilities will force Russians to suit with bigger responsibility for payment to debt. Otherwise they will be deprived of possibility to obtain the bank credits, or they should make out them on the overestimated rates.
The largest bureaus credit stories and effectively cooperate for a long time with mobile operators. However, data in bureau arrive not about all debtors, but only about those who ignored the letter with the requirement about debt repayment.
That fact is interesting that under the law transfer of data to bureau credit can be carried out stories only with the consent of the debtor. Operators lean on that fact that in connection contracts this point обговаривается. Certainly, the subscriber when signing the contract can and refuse transfer of data on to the third parties. However, in that case service on credit will be not available to the client.

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