Savings Bank and receiving credit

Receiving the credit in savings bank of Russia can be carried out, using more favorable conditions, rather than other banks. The credit policy of Sberbank of Russia has distinctive feature: it is more than red tape, presentation of high requirements to the borrower, but use of low rates on the credits. The Savings Bank does not impose the hidden expenses on the borrower as it quite often do in commercial banks. Earnings on the borrower in the Russian bank are not provided. The State Bank possesses flexible conditions for granting the credits. It is possible to provide different types of pledges, to use various schedules for repayment of debts. The good borrower can always take money on credit in the State Bank. For granting the credit the official stable salary, existence of length of service is important. It is possible to use guarantors as the individual or property pledge. For employees of bank existence of good credit history is important. Sufficient conditions for granting proceeds of credit are defined by the credit inspector. From it the credit demand is provided to credit committee. Therefore various offices of savings bank have differences in requirements.

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