In Ukraine there will be an electronic deposit

In Ukraine there will be an electronic deposit

electronic deposit

In present time more and more popularity gather such electronic payment systems (EPS), as PayPal, WebMoney, POISON which solve an array of problems connected with currency and cash operations. But the matter is that all these global processes occur only to indirect participation of real bank. Thereby the banking system unable to profit by these financial streams much more effectively.

I developed the innovative e-deposit project which essence consists in creation of a banking system of new level with transition to electronic space – almost complete interaction with EPS where over 85 % of means are involved from these EPS (other 15 % – classical methods).

For implementation of this project the base bank at which available necessary licensing and other permissions to these or those directions of financial activity is necessary to me. The mentioned project will involve deposits with EPS in this base bank which in the subsequent will be involved in a turn by regular bank tools (as well as at classical deposits – financing, investment, drags. metals and other).

The project has not something in common with any versions the banking Internet, it is a question of absolutely innovative sphere.

As names of bank and existence of information on elimination process in mass media can complicate a little implementation of the project probably the re-breyding (name change) is required. It as option.

Rather small sum is necessary for implementation of the project – about $350 000.

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