Favorable rates on deposits for legal entities and cost of a bank cell

Favorable rates on deposits for legal entities and cost of a bank cellDomestic business lives in very difficult financial situation. And the problems hanging over it, have no selective character, and it is rather характеризируют a situation in the unstable world markets. For this reason the special urgency is got by a question of reliable preservation of the capital and its protection against growing inflation. Fully provide these requirements only reliable financial partner as whom the successful large bank will act can.

Effectively to operate the means bank deposits will help. Favorable rates on deposits for legal entities will keep and will increase your capital. It is accepted to divide types of rates on the following categories:

– profitability degree;

– placement term;

– possibility of accumulation and partial conclusion of means;

– scheme of payment of percent on a contribution.

Rates on deposits for legal entities have the increased profitability among other similar bank products. Besides, for minimization of risks and optimization of using by bank services, his experts can pick up a first-aid kit of services according to feature of your business. At the conclusion of the contract on providing the deposit account, it is necessary to consider that moment that at early removal of money obligations will be imposed on you on commission payment to bank.

One of ways of ensuring safety of important and valuable things is their placement in the rented bank cell. Among the population special demand for similar service arises on the threshold of summer, as a time of holidays and long country rest.

As object of storage everything can act, restriction is, as a rule, connected only with the size of a cell. Its width, as a rule, makes 28 cm, depth 35 see, varies only height – from 7,5 to 48 see. Cost of a bank cell is defined depending on its sizes and term on which you would like it to rent. Registration of the transaction needs only the passport, a copy of an identification code and the sum equal to a rent for the entire period of hiring. After the client receives a key and right of access to section of cells. Term of using is limited by the subscribed cell one year. For its part the bank gives guarantees that no strangers will be allowed to a box of the client, except the tenant or persons specified by contract drawing up.

Low cost of a bank cell promoted increase in demand for individual bank safes, as guarantor of safety of personal valuable belongings. Therefore it would be possible to recommend, in advance will take care of cell rent in the bank most convenient for you, without waiting splash in a seasonal agiotage.

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