Bank operations with money

As soon as you come to understanding of that you can freely live to the following salary, it is an emergence sign in your purse of spare cash. Here then that we also ask ourselves a question: Where them to enclose to remain in profit? If money to hide under a mattress, they will not breed. For capital growth, work of money is necessary. They need to be able to be put.
The simplest and popular mode of work with bank notes is the bank deposit. This way of investment is reduced to the minimum risk. In system of insurance of a bank deposit of the individual there is a refund guarantee if there is a bankruptcy of the bank. One more plus for a contribution to bank is the income free of taxes on the deposit, also there are no additional expenses of investors.
Among shortcomings of bank deposits allocate the low income: insignificant excess of percent on a contribution in connection with inflation. The investment of money in banks guarantees ensuring safety of money of investors under condition of the growing prices. Ahead of schedule to return means, without having lost a part from the charged income it is impossible. At placement of money on bank deposits the conclusion of the contract, with the indication of all conditions of saving of bank notes is carried out: rates on percent, terms as percent will be charged, under what conditions it is possible to withdraw a contribution ahead of schedule.

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