That it is necessary to consider upon car purchase on credit

That it is necessary to consider upon car purchase on creditBefore taking the credit for purchase of the car consider some nuances by contract drawing up. As though you did not like the car remember that on emotions the contract not reasonably to conclude — risks of loss of means are very great. For a start it is necessary to make detailed calculation proceeding from offers of several motor shows and banks.

At calculations do not forget that besides expenses on a loan it is necessary to spend money for many "whims" of your car. According to statistical data, on car service more than hundred dollars a month on the average leave. In this sum are included not only expenses on gasoline, but also on a sink, rubber change, penalties of GAI and servicing. If you after all made the decision to take the car on credit in motor show, to the calculated monthly payment for the credit it is possible safely плюсовать 100-200 dollars.

Many experts advise to consumers to arrive as entrants – that is to file documents at the same time to some banks. In other words, from you some tens copies of documents (the passport, an identification code, references from tax and accounts departments) are required. Then in the attracted banks to take the questionnaire of the borrower which it is possible to fill also houses or in Internet option on a bank site. In some days you receive some specific proposals from employees of banks. You will need to choose most suitable of them only.

To buy the car on tick in motor show, attentively study its salon. Many cars need to be "finished" after purchase: to establish anticreeping blokirator, the alarm system, an audiosystem and other. The motor show will suggest you to establish all these attributes at the car repair shop and to include cost in the credit sum. At a choice of motor show be guided on what have own HUNDRED.

At an insurance of a car make the contract so that at road accident emergence it was favorable not to bank, and you. That is at road incidents money is received by you

And the main thing to take the credit for purchase of the car it is not necessary to use any fictitious documents. In bank without effort can check any document, and in case of deception to you will refuse, and your spoiled credit history becomes known also to other banks.

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