Voluntary order of confirmation of compliance

Voluntary order of confirmation of complianceProcedure of an assessment and confirmation of compliance is a certificate by issue of the relevant document of the fact of compliance of production or processes, including rendering of these or those services (performance of separate works), or other objects to which normative documents established these or those requirements.

Confirmation of compliance can be obligatory in a look (certification or compliance declaring) or voluntary (certification).

In more detail about voluntary certification of GOST P it is possible to learn in the accredited organization – body on certifications, however its main lines we will consider below.

It is possible to define this type of certification as confirmation of the fact of compliance of these or those objects (services, production or other objects not included in lists which are subject to compliance confirmation without fail) to requirements of standards or other documents, carried out by body on the certification, accredited in GOST P system with issue of the confirming document, namely the certificate of conformity.

To procedure of voluntary certification it can be subjected as a job lot of production (generally at import), and its mass production, or process of rendering of these or those services or works. In case the lot of products is certificated, at the positive solution of a question on its compliance, the termless certificate which action extends only on a concrete lot of products about what it is specified in the certificate stands out. Thus research of a condition of production, also as well as periodic inspection control is not carried out.

Certification of a mass production – more difficult process before issuing the conclusion about compliance, the body on certification makes not only laboratory researches of product samples, but also studying of a condition of production, besides, after issue of the certificate periodic inspection control of production is annually carried out. The certificate issued in this case is valid 3 years.

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