The interesting facts about finance

The interesting facts about finance

The interesting facts about finance

Money, as we know, defined for a long time a principle of the majority of the relations in society. Thus the age of a financial system of the world allows us speaks about a certain traditional character and even about signs. So, strangest of financial signs.

Happy coin. For Russian (and all Slavs) is an unchangeable five-copeck coin, and here for Americans is the first earned dollar. This coin rushes in a purse and quite often it appears braided or drilled (it is visible that there was no possibility to spend). And here Chinese especially honor 3 yuans connected among themselves by a red tape, passed in holes. Interestingly, and somebody carried «a happy five-copeck coin» in the pawnshop – can and there it is appreciated especially well?

Salary. In the pay day it is impossible to spend 1 ruble (a penny, cent etc.). According to a sign, all salary by all means should spend the night in the house. And for the second day – spend though all!

All means received from the first buyer are necessary for taking and kissing, and then to spit them and to lay in a purse. The sign in this respect promises: this money will draw to themselves others, and, probably, even larger. This sign comes from England, and here in Russia money "drew" in a prettier way: under a voice of the first cuckoo on spring tinkled in a pocket money.

The most unhappy banknote is 2 "dollars" with Thomas Jefferson’s image. This note was issued since 1928. Americans tried not to take it in a salary or in delivery, and, nevertheless having received it, tried to exchange or give her as soon as possible. Left a turn in 1976. For what reason it nicknamed «not happy» – it is not known.

One more interesting sign by which we are obliged to the queen Savsky, says that if at the girl hair grow standing, she by all means will marry the rich man. Interestingly, and in our country somebody checked this sign?

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