Role of the financial analysis in economic activity of the organizations

Role of the financial analysis in economic activity of the organizations

Role of the financial analysis

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The economic situation in the world market leaves much to be desired. In this regard in the conditions of unstable formation of economy in the territory of our country many heads of the large companies conducting economic activity in Russia, pay huge attention of activity of the companies. Heads of the enterprises resort to a measure of the most productive character, such, as the financial analysis. By means of the financial analysis it is possible to estimate objectively internal and external relations of object which is exposed to all-round synthesis. The structure of the financial analysis includes an assessment of solvency of the company, profitability of the enterprise, efficiency of activity of the company, prospect of its development and development of a type of business in which the company is engaged. After an assessment of these indicators quite reasonable decision is made. It should be noted that sometimes the financial analysis of the enterprises existed not in full, and management of many Russian enterprises was constructed on trust. But the financial and economic situation of the country which is heavy now, made so that many owners of the companies felt a dissatisfaction from business. As a result, there were shifts of personnel structure of the highest management of the organizations. If earlier owners of the companies were sure that their organization makes profit, that, having checked carefully all active and passive companies, were assured that it not absolutely so to that were much surprised. They trusted a top in managers and skilled managing directors, financial analysts of the company who could not win this notorious trust completely. Many heads addressed to independent financial advisers with a view of increase of liquidity of the business. So, the role of the financial analysis in nowadays unstable conditions is so high that will overestimate it difficult as the enterprises master independence and bear responsibility following the results of the production economic activity.
The analysis of financial type has differences from the traditional analysis of activity of economic and active subjects. It is connected, first of all, with influence of the environment of external character on functioning of the enterprises. As an example, subordination of a fortune of finance of subjects of business from inflationary processes of the state, reliability of contractors and functioning organizational rules of law was increased. The assessment of the financial status is carried out by means of indicators which are engaged in identification of possibilities of the enterprise, as well as potential, and actual. Effectiveness of functioning of the company is analyzed as from a position of effectiveness of application of separate types of resources such as, working, material and financial. A result of this assessment – more detailed characteristic of provision of property and financial type, activity results in the period of a reporting look, and also development potentials in the future. It is for certain known that it is impossible to be guided by the reporting of accounting type and to build conclusions, proceeding from activity and a company condition. Traditionally and formally the analysis of finance can operate in accurate compliance with requirements of the accounting right and the reporting But it can create only visibility of financial wellbeing of the enterprise. It is caused by that managers who use freedom and sometimes remain without control, they manipulate data on results of financial indicator in separately taken enterprise. They increase estimated indicators towards plus. Thus, on their basis it is impossible to tell about this or that a current in company activity. Therefore the independent financial analysis is important.

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